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Online Community and Platform

  • The CULTURE UNITED online platform, this website, is where everything comes together. It will be the centre and also the main legacy of the project.

  • The platform will function as a place for the school teachers, CULTURE UNITED stakeholders to communicate, to complete/monitor tasks & assignments etc.

  • The platform will serve as the online resource base where all other developed Intellectual Outputs will become available as Open Educational Resources (OERs). All the IOs will be made available free of charge and in a format that allows adaptation to local circumstances.


  • The platform will facilitate the community of all CULTURE UNITED stakeholders, directly and indirectly involved or interested in the project. Facilities for discussion, sharing, etc. will be made available on the online platform. This to allow all members of the community to become an integral part of the product development. Furthermore, the online platform with its lively community of users and experts will ensure the regional and international networks stay intact and active after the project has finished.

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