Online Community and Platform

  • The CULTURE UNITED online platform is where everything comes together. It will be the centre and also the main legacy of the project

  • The platform will function as a place for the school teachers, CULTURE UNITED stakeholders to communicate, to complete/monitor tasks & assignments etc.

  • The platform will serve as the online resource base where all other developed Intellectual Outputs will become available as Open Educational Resources (OERs). All the IOs will be made available free of charge and in a format that allows adaptation to local circumstances.


  • The platform will facilitate the community of all CULTURE UNITED stakeholders, directly and indirectly involved or interested in the project. Facilities for discussion, sharing, etc. will be made available on the online platform. This to allow all members of the community to become an integral part of the product development. Furthermore, the online platform with its lively community of users and experts will ensure the regional and international networks stay intact and active after the project has finished.




IO coordinator Kunstkade will be responsible for creating an activity work plan for all IO1 activities, to fit within the deadlines set in the project handbook (A2). At the TNMs and online meetings, the work plan by Kunstkade will be discussed and agreed upon to ensure clarity about the responsibilities of each partner.



All partners will provide input based on their specific expertise, to be shared in detail at the first TNM. All partners will identify existing training materials and online and offline content that could be of interest to the development of IO1.


Besides the partner's own resources and pool of best practices, EC online platforms such as eTwinning, the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform, and School Education Gateway will be used to find inspiration from the pool of good practices and success stories, i.e. projects that distinguished themselves in terms of relevance, impact or design.


Partners will include their regional network of stakeholders for this as well. All input will be analysed and processed by Kunstkade.




The project combines key expertise from project partners to develop new innovative materials. Under the coordination of Kunstkade, all partners will be involved in this development activity by continuously providing input.


Kunstkade is responsible for the actual redaction and editing of the training content, including the structure, content, and graphical design.


At the TNMs and regular online meetings, Kunstkade will the present structure &content and ask for feedback from partners, and coordinate their input. The student learning materials will be made available in all partner languages.


Pilot Test

Upon completion of the Teacher Pack & Training Programme, it will be tested in practice at the schools on board the consortium and at schools committed as associated partners. This entails teachers executing the CULTURE UNITED programme with pupils in practice completing all aspects of it.


To evaluate the impact of the IO and the achievement of the objectives of the project, a baseline measurement before teachers, pupils, and the cultural sector participate in CULTURE UNITED activities and an impact measurement after they completed the pilot test will be executed. Indicators that measure the impact on the different target groups are listed in the section on impact.



Delivery of the final version

As a result of the findings of IO1/A4, the first version of the CULTURE UNITED Teacher Pack & Training Programme as developed in IO1/A3 will be improved accordingly by Kunstkade and reviewed before joined approval by all partners. Both print and digital versions of the materials will be produced.


The level of the CULTURE UNITED materials will be assessed using models like European Qualifications Framework (EQF), making the qualifications obtained through participating in the CULTURE UNITED programme readable across Europe. As mentioned above, we will be in close touch to our associated partners active in this field, providing Bachelor's or Master of education teacher degrees.



The CULTURE UNITED Teacher Pack & Training Programme serves as an excellent sharable Intellectual Output and Open Education Resource to ensure high uptake in other schools and teacher academies all over the EU.


It will therefore be shared and disseminated widely as part of the CULTURE UNITED project. Under the coordination of Kunstkade (and supported by our dissemination leader-the Open Education Community), the Teacher Pack will therefore be shared and disseminated widely.

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