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  • Anastasija Zareckyte

Elfstedentocht project

The official kick-off of the educational project Elfstedentocht (which runs within Culture United) took place with the participation of students and teachers from 3 Dutch primary schools.

To break the ice and get to know each other, there were each given a 1-meter rope, that in the end will form a 200km rope that represents the length of the Elfstedentocht ice skating festival. As more schools and their pupils will join the project, the rope will not only symbolize the Frisian festival, but also the connection between the countries throughout Europe.

The final goal of this project is to build connections between history and culture for the students. Therefore, primary school students will delve into the past and search for the history of the Elfstedentocht skating event. During the project, students will learn more about how to create a large performance such as the De Tocht musical performance.

This educational project will be a blueprint for the other partners from Europe participating in Culture United. Kunstkade and Stichting Beleef en Herinner work within the project together with partners from Scotland, Ireland, Finland and Belgium.

(Photo by Guido Hibma)

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