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The main outcomes of CULTURE UNITED are called Intellectual Outputs or IOs. You can find them on this page. They are free to download and are available in English, Dutch and Finnish. ​

IO1 – Culture United Teacher Pack & Training Programme:

This is an online training especially for teachers in primary education. After this training, you are able to start CULTURE UNITED in your own classroom. Apart from teaching you how to do it, it also practically guides you through making your own lesson materials and plans.

IO2 – Regional Education-Culture Unions Set Up Toolkit:

This toolkit helps schools with developing a cultural (events) programme for their school. It is a practical guide for setting up a cooperation with local culture organisations in your region, so your schools is equipped to start CULTURE UNITED.

IO3 – Culture United - Event Organisers Guidebook:
This toolkit helps event organisations to start working with schools. It shows why working with schools is mutually beneficial for both schools and event organisations.

IO4 – Culture United - Online Community & Platform:

This website is our Online Community & Platform. Here you can find information about the project, the learning materials, links to video material which is there to inspire event organisations and schools to start working together. You can also find us on Facebook.

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