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  • Erna van der Werff

It's a wrap people! The final Multiplier Event in Brussels.

Tuesday december 6th we had our final Multiplier Event in Brussels, together with another awesome project 'Smart Hands'. We chose to combine our events as we happened to both planned it in Brussels on the same date. As Smart Hands and Culture United have 'creativity' and 'interdiciplinary learning' in common, we thought that both projects' partners would appreciate to learn about the other project.

And that happened to be true. Apart from both projects' EU partners, we invited teachers from schools in the Brussels area, Erasmus+ representatives (from the Dutch Erasmus office) and local stakeholders in the field of education and culture / craftmanship.

First, we presented the projects and talked about their impact. We showed video's recaping 3 years of the project reflected on the pupils and students: that is how you can really feel the impact best.

Then we explained the outputs we developped and how they can be benificial for teachers and staff. To conclude the session, the guests could participate in two workshops: one Smart Hands and the other CULTURE UNITED, letting them experience the learning materials in practise and sending them home with free learning materials and trainings!

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