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Adje Circus: Look what I can do!

The project Adje with the theme “Look what I can do!” is organized by one of our partners, Kuntskade. Adje's method aims to connect children and young people with art & culture and to challenge them to show what they can do. In the end, children can perform his/her talent on stage.

The project was first held in 2018 with three elements: Adje festival, Adje orchestra and Adje Master class. The Adje festival was for the children's performances, the Adje orchestra that performed in the festival was set up especially for this project, and the Master class was for children who wanted to learn more to make a special performance in the festival. The project, as well as its method, turned out to be successful during LF2018 and will therefore be continued in the 2021-2022 school year. The short video (in Dutch) below will give you a short summary of the project (the video's producer is Kunstkade).

Excited for the next Adje Circus? Follow our website and Facebook to be updated with the latest news!

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