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  • Erna van der Werff

CULTURE UNITED meets Kunskade!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Culture United had it’s multiplier event at the 10th year anniversary of Kunstkade. Guests had a chance to participate in a variety of workshops. Culture United was one of the workshops during this event. During the activity of Culture United the guests got a few glimpse of the project; such as:

  • An insight of the general project of Culture United and how the different partners worked on their projects

  • An insights on what we learned overall

  • Our current achievments

  • Participating in a few of the assignments from the “teachertrainingspack” (io1).

Spread the Culture United approach

The guests had the oppurtunity to take the first steps in their own Culture United projects. This was done by exchanging knowledge, word-web and by doing the excersises from the CULTURE UNITED training. The first ingredients to start their own project.

The laundry activity is one of the things that we learned in our own Culture United projects. Most people while doing projects like this thinks that everything needs to be new and forget what good materials they probably have laying around. Guest were urged to think of ideas as socks, we all have that drawer full of single socks. We have used them but now we cant use them anymore. But they are still very warm, pretty and wearable. They then thought of that drawer of socks as a data base or old school methods that once worked very well. There are some good educational materials laying around. In this activity they found those , wrote them on the socks and put them on the washing line.

This got the creativity going and made the teachers curious to the rest of the CULTURE UNTED training, that is freely accesible at the website .

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